Bill Fay ‎– Bill Fay (1970)

Bill Fay is the debut album by the namesake English singer/songwriter, released in 1970 on Deram. The vocalist/pianist is backed on these sessions by the orchestral arrangements of Michael Gibbs and the ubiquitous six-string talents of jazz/rock guitarist Ray Russell.

A1. Garden Song (3:13)
A2. The Sun Is Bored (2:32)
A3. We Want You to Stay (3:33)
A4. Narrow Way (2:48)
A5. We Have Laid Here (2:28)
A6. Sing Us One of Your Songs May (2:50)
B1. Gentle Willie (3:15)
B2. Methane River (2:57)
B3. The Room (1:57)
B4. Goodnight Stan (2:05)
B5. Cannons Plain (2:26)
B6. Be Not So Fearful (2:46)
B7. Down to the Bridge (1:53)

Bill Fay – Vocals, Piano, Composition
Ray Russell – Electric Guitar
Richard Mills – Acoustic Guitar
George Bird – Bass
John Marshal – Drums
Trevor Taylor – Drums

Michael Gibbs – Music Director
Peter Eden – Production

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