Bill Evans ‎– Symbiosis (1974)

Symbiosis is an album by jazz keyboardist Bill Evans consisting of a two-movement, five-part Third Stream composition by conductor/arranger Claus Ogerman. The album was released in 1974 on MPS.

1st Movement (Moderato, various tempi)
A1. “Part A” (7:58)
A2. “Part B” (5:17)
A3. “Part C” (11:43)
2nd Movement (Largo – Andante – Maestoso – Largo)
B1. “Part A” (9:11)
B2. “Part B” (6:44)

Bill Evans — piano, electric piano
Eddie Gómez — bass
Marty Morell — drums
Claus Ogerman — arranger, conductor
Mel Davis, Johnny Frosk, Bernie Glow, Marky Markowitz, Victor Paz, Marvin Stamm — trumpet
Paul Faulise, Urbie Green, Tom Mitchell — trombone
Ray Alonge, Jim Buffington, Earl Chapin, Peter Gordon, Al Richmond, Gruce Tilotson — French horn
Don Butterfield — tuba
Don Hammond, Hubert Laws, Bill Stapin — flute
Phil Bodner, George Marge — oboe
Wally Kane, Don McCourt — bassoon
Danny Bank, Ron Janelly — clarinet
Jerry Dodgion, Harvey Estrin, Walt Levinsky, Phil Woods — saxophones
Doug Allan, Dave Carey, George Devens, Ralph MacDonald — percussion
David Nadien — concertmaster

Producer — Helen Keane

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