Benitez and Nebula ‎– Night Life (1976)

Night Life is the debut album by the American Latin-rock act Benitez and Nebula, released in 1976 on Vaya Records. A second album, Essence of Life, was issued by the label under the abbreviated name Benitez in 1977. Both projects were headed by namesake guitarist Eddie Benitez.

A1. “Nightlife / Vida Nocturna” (4:49)
A2. “Mariposa / Butterfly” (4:33)
A3. “Viejo / The Old Man Song” (4:00)
A4. “I’m So Sad / Estoy Muy Triste” (4:29)
A5. “We Are the One / Somos” (2:40)
B1. “Hey Girl / Oye Muchacha” (4:22)
B2. “Dreams Can Come True / Los Sueños Pueden ser Realidad” (4:30)
B3. “Love’s Way / Lo Que Acer el Amor” (3:10)
B4. “Waiting for Your Love / Esperando Por Tu Amor” (4:26)
B5. “Cualquiera / Anyone


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