Ben ‎– Ben (1971)

Ben is the singular album by the namesake English jazz-rock band, released in 1971 on Vertigo.

A1. “The Influence” (10:08)
— a. The Wooing of the Child
— b. The Innocence of the Child
— c. The Interest of the Youth
— d. The Involvement of the Man
— e. The Realization
— f. The Wooing of the Man
— g. The Conclusion
A2. “Gibbon” (9:30)
B1. “Christmas Execution” (7:20 — 3:06-5:50)
B2. “Gismo” (11:49 — :01-3:20-7:05-8:25-11:46)

Peter Davey — alto saxophone, tenor saxophone, soprano saxophone, baritone saxophone, flute, clarinet
Len Surtees — bass
Dave Sheen — drums, congas, percussion, vocals
Gerry Reid — electric guitar, acoustic guitar
Alex MacLeery — electric piano, harpsichord, moog synthesizer

Malcolm Koss — producer
Dave Humphries — engineer

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