Begnagrad ‎– Konzert for a Broken Dance (1982)

Begnagrad is the first and only proper album by the namesake Yugoslavian avant-garde rock/folk/instrumental ensemble, released in 1982 on ZKP RTVLJ. In 1991, a CD issue of the album entitled Konzert for a Broken Dance appeared on French RēR-affiliate Ayaa Disques.

Tracklist (Ayaa CD):
1. “Romantična (The Romantic One)” (4:29)
2. “Pjanska (The Drinking One)” (3:09)
3. “Bo že (če bo) (Alles wird gut) (Vieleicht)” (4:11)
4. “Cosa nostra (Waltz)” (7:10)
5. “Narodna / kmetska (Knetch-ska)” (5:51)
6. “Cocn Rolla (Cocn Rolla)” (5:31)
7. “Žvižgovska (Wisteling Ursulla)” (5:00)
8. “Joj di di joj (Joj di di joj)” (0:25)
9. “Tazatnatanova (Thelastnewone)” (8:22)

Bratko Bibič — accordion, melodica, piano, vocals
Bogo Pečnikar — clarinet, performer, ocarina, whistle, vocals, cover design
Aleš Rendla — drums, congas, violin
Nino De Gleria — electric bass, acoustic bass, mandolin, whistle, voice

Dare Novak — engineer
Begnagrad — music, arrangements, producer
Boris Romih — percussion, various instruments, guitar, vocals, whistle, bass
Peter Kosmač — photography
Jure Robežnik — editor
Neven Smolčič — producer
Ivo Umek — editor

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