Beggars Opera ‎– Waters of Change (1971)

Waters of Change is the second album by Scottish symphonic/psych-rock band Beggars Opera, released in 1971 on Vertigo.

A1. “Time Machine” (8:05)
A2. “Lament” (1:51)
A3. “I’ve No Idea” (7:41)
A4. “Nimbus” (3:34)
B1. “Festival” (5:57)
B2. “Silver Peacock Intro” (0:22)
B3. “Silver Peacock” (6:31)
B4. “Impromptu” (1:17)
B5. “The Fox” (6:48)

1971 shortplayer:
A. “Sarabande” (3:35) / B. “Think” (4:27)

Ricky Gardiner — lead guitar, vocals, acoustic guitar, writer
Martin Griffiths — lead vocals, cowbell, writer
Alan Park — organ, piano, writer
Gordon Sellar — guitar, acoustic guitar, vocals, writer
Virginia Scott — Mellotron, vocals, writer
Raymond Wilson — percussion, writer

Bill Martin & Phil Coulter — producer
John Drummond — co-producer
Marshall Erskine — bass guitar, flute, writer (B1)

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