Be-Bop Deluxe ‎– Drastic Plastic (1978)

Drastic Plastic is the fifth and final studio album by English art-rockers Be-Bop Deluxe, recorded in 1977 and released in February 1978 on Harvest.

A1. “Electrical Language” (4:50)
A2. “New Precision” (4:30)
A3. “New Mysteries” (4:44)
A4. “Surreal Estate” (5:00)
A5. “Love in Flames” (4:09)
B1. “Panic in the World” (5:04)
B2. “Dangerous Stranger” (3:05)
B3. “Superenigmatix (Lethal Appliances for the Home With Everything)” (2:10)
B4. “Visions of Endless Hopes” (2:23)*
B5. “Possession” (2:34)
B6. “Islands of the Dead” (3:45)

*Omitted on US version for:
B4. “Japan” (2:34)

Additional material from the Drastic Plastic sessions:
Futurist Manifesto
Speed of the Wind
Lovers are Mortal

Bill Nelson — lead vocals, electric guitar, bells, mandolin, drums, whistle, piano, harmony vocals, mini moog, synth guitar, acoustic guitar, tambourine, finger cymbals, percussion, noise, producer
Charlie Tumahai — bass, harmony vocals
Simon Fox — drums, tape loops, military snare drum, objects
Andy Clark — piano, polymoog synthesizer, Minimoog, grand piano, fender rhodes electric piano, moog bass taurus

John Leckie — producer, engineer

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