BB Gabor ‎– BB Gabor (1980)

BB Gabor is the first of two albums by the namesake Hungarian/Canadian pop/rock musician/songwriter, released in 1980 on Anthem.

A1. “Metropolitan Life” (2:41)
A2. “Consumer” (2:48)
A3. “Soviet Jewellery” (2:38)
A4. “Laser Love” (4:10)
A5. “Moscow Drug Club” (4:25)
B1. “Underground World” (3:09)
B2. “All the Time” (5:06)
B3. “Hunger, Poverty & Misery” (3:46)
B4. “Ooh Mama” (2:16)
B5. “Big Yellow Taxi” (5:43)

B. B. Gabor — Guitars, vocal
David Bendeth — Guitars
David Stone — Synthesizers, synthesized bass, clavinet
Jim Jones — Acoustic & electric bass
Paul Armstrong — Drums, percussion
Peter Follett — Guitars
Polly T. & The Buros — Vocal backing
Rob Gusevs — Piano, Organ
Simon Stone — Flute
Terry Brown — Tambourine, producer
Tom Griffiths — Bass

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