Barry White, Love Unlimited, The Love Unlimited Orchestra ‎– Together Brothers [OST] (1974)

Together Brothers is a soundtrack album that features vocals by soul-trio Love Unlimited with musical backing by the Love Unlimited Orchestra, conducted by Gene Page. The album was composed, arranged, and produced by Barry White and released in 1974 on 20th Century Records.

A1. “Somebody Is Gonna Off the Man” (4:23)
A2. “So Nice to Hear” (2:37)
A3. “Alive and Well” (1:12)
A4. “Find the Man Bros.” (2:16)
A5. “You Gotta Case” (1:25)
A6. “Killer’s Lullaby” (2:22)
A7. “Theme From Together Brothers” (:50)
A8. “Get Away” (2:05)
A9. “People of Tomorrow Are the Children of Today (Instrumental)” (2:38)
B1. “Somebody Is Gonna Off the Man (Instrumental)” (4:23)
B2. “The Rip” (1:41)
B3. “Stick Up” (1:57)
B4. “Dreamin’” (0:41)
B5. “Killer’s Back” (0:24)
B6. “Do Drop In” (2:32)
B7. “Killer Don’t Do It” (1:51)
B8. “Here Comes the Man” (1:16)
B9. “Dream On” (1:31)
B10. “Honey Please Can’t You See” (2:21)
B11. “Can’t Seem to Find Him” (4:24)
B12. “People of Tomorrow Are the Children of Today” (2:38)

Arranged By – Gene Page
Arranged By, Music By, Lyrics By – Barry White
Orchestra – Love Unlimited Orchestra
Producer – Barry White
Vocals – Love Unlimited

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