Barbra Streisand ‎– Guilty (1980)

Guilty is an album by vocalist/entertainer Barbra Streisand, produced by Barry Gibb and released in 1980 on Columbia/CBS.

A1. “Guilty” (4:24)
A2. “Woman in Love” (3:51)
A3. “Run Wild” (4:06)
A4. “Promises” (4:20)
A5. “The Love Inside” (5:07)
B1. “What Kind of Fool” (4:04)
B2. “Life Story” (4:34)
B3. “Never Give Up” (3:41)
B4. “Make It Like a Memory” (7:26)

Barbra Streisand — vocals
Barry Gibb — guest, vocals, acoustic guitar, background vocals, string arrangements, horn arrangements, writer, producer
Peter Graves — trombone, bass trombone, horn arrangements
Albhy Galuten — synthesizer, writer, string arrangements, horn arrangements, producer
Steve Gadd — drums
Harold Cowart — bass
George Terry — guitar, slide guitar
Cornell Dupree — guitar
Richard Tee — electric piano, grand piano, electric guitar, Clavinet, piano
George Bitzer — electric piano, grand piano, synthesizer
Joe Lala — shaker, cabasa, tambourine, whip, maracas, triangle, congas, timbales, cowbell, cymbal
Bernard Lupe — drums
Pete Carr — guitar, acoustic guitar, lead guitar
Jerry Peel — French horn
Denise Maynelli — background vocals
Myrna Mathews — background vocals
Marti McCall — background vocals
Lee Ritenour — guitar
Ken Faulk — trumpet
Brett Murphey — trumpet
Neal Bonsanti — tenor saxophone
Dan Bonsanti — tenor saxophone
Whit Sidner — baritone saxophone
Russ Freeland — trombone
Mike Katz — trombone
Dennis Bryon — drums
David Hungate — bass
Bud Burridge — trumpet

Karl Richardson — producer, engineer, mixing
Don Gehman — engineer, mixing
Mario Casilli — photography

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