Barbara Dickson ‎– The Barbara Dickson Album (1980)

The Barbara Dickson Album is the sixth solo album by Scottish folk/pop singer Barbara Dickson, produced by Alan Tarney and released in 1980 on Epic/Columbia.

A1. “January-February” (3:44)
A2. “In the Night” (3:47)
A3. “It’s Really You” (3:34)
A4. “Day and Night” (4:00)
A5. “Can’t Get By Without You” (3:52)
B1. “Anytime You’re Down and Out” (3:38)
B2. “I’ll Say It Again” (4:20)
B3. “Hello Stranger, Goodbye My Heart” (3:28)
B4. “Plane Song” (3:30)
B5. “Now I Don’t Know” (2:30)

Barbara Dickson — vocals
Alan Tarney — bass, guitars, keyboards, backing vocals, producer
Trevor Spencer — drums, percussion
Mel Collins — saxophone
Engineer — Nick Sykes, Nick Glennie-Smith

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