Barbara Acklin – Someone Else’s Arms (1970)

Someone Else’s Arms is the third album by American soul singer Barbara Acklin, released in 1970 on Brunswick Records. The album was her first of three consecutive longplayers to feature the orchestrated ballad “He’s Just a Little Guy.”

A1. Someone Else’s Arms (4:14)
A2. After You (2:29)
A3. Is It Me (3:41)
A4. Quiet Nights of Quiet Stars (Corcovado) (3:37)
A5. What’s It Gonna Be (3:33)
A6. More (Theme From “Mondo Cane”) (3:11)
B1. He’s Just a Little Guy (4:55)
B2. More Today Than Yesterday (3:18)
B3. The Spinning Wheel (3:29)
B4. More Ways Than One (3:40)
B5. You’ve Been in Love Too Long (3:09)


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