Banzai – Hora Nata (1974)

Hora Nata is an album by Belgian art-rock/jazz-rock band Banzaï, released in 1974 on Delta.

A1. “You Always Like an Entree?” (2:11)
A2. “Try” (7:44)
—a. Hopeful Strive (2:28)
—b. Step by Step (1:56)
—c. Find the Way (3:18)
A3. “Obelisk” (11:06)
—a. Like a Stalagmite (4:34)
—b. Hora nata (3:08)
—c. Stalagtites in My Jam (0:47)
—d. Wet the Ropes (2:37)
B1. “Hattrick” (7:32)
—a. My First Hot-Pants (2:26)
—b. Kick and Rush (1:18)
—c. The Final Was the Third Game (3:44)
B2. “Three Magicians (Part I)” (12:13)
—a. Once (3:02)
—b. Theme of the Rainbow (3:32)
—c. Bermst (3:36)
—d. We’ll Bring You the Sun (2:01)

Acoustic Guitar, Electric Bass, Effects [Foot Bass], Piano, Vocals – Evert Verhees
Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar, Vocals – John McO
Congas [Tumbas], Metalophone, Marimba, Vibraphone, Percussion – Ludwig Kemat
Drums, Percussion – Erry Fox
Organ, Piano, Electric Piano, Synthesizer [String Ensemble, Moog-synthesizer], Vocals – Peter Torfs

Produced By – Banzai
Horns – C. Focant, J. Lasselin
Tenor Saxophone – F. Maes
Conductor [Violins Conducted By] – A. Speguel

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