Bandhada ‎– Bandhada (1984)

Bandhada is the debut album by the namesake Chilean jazz-rock/art-rock band, first released in 1984 and reissued in 2004 on Mylodon/Musea with two additional tracks. The album is one of only two releases from the band’s original ’80s-era run.

1. “La Séptima Casa” (7:00)
2. “Amores de un Noble Caballero” (3:14)
3. “Expreso a Corea” (4:30)
4. “Bien, Gracias” (6:44 — 3:19-5:34)
5. “El Vuelo del Hada” (6:33)
6. “Rompiendo la Soledad” (8:34 — 1:20-4:19-5:00-7:55-8:30)

Reissue bonus tracks:
7. “Algo más que…” (5:37)
8. “Toque de Midas” (6:45)

Carlos Chung — guitar. lead vocals
Alfonso Feeley — piano, electric piano, synthesizer
Juan Coderch — drums
Juan Carlos Neumann — saxophone, flute (traversa)
Francis Clark — bass

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