Banda Elastica ‎– Banda Elastica (1986)

Banda Elastica is the debut album by the namesake Mexican avant-jazz/rock ensemble, released in 1986 on the band’s exclusive Discos Tiradero imprint.

A1. “Infantes Terribles
A2. “Alto a la Caceria
A3. “Derrumbes en Almibar
A4. “Aun Pero”
B1. “Pepenavarodol – Fitonava”
B2. “Pesadilla
B3. “Infrasapienz
B4. “Quepocalipsis

Guitar – Guillermo Gonzalez
Saxophone, Clarinet – Jose Luis Romero
Synthesizer, Piano, Organ – Rosino Serrano
Drums, Percussion – Rodolfo Nava
Marimba, Percussion – Jose Navarro
Bass, Guitar, Vocals – Lucio Sanchez
Flute – Cecilia Valdes
Viola – Cox Gaytan
Violin – Enrique Gonzalez
Percussion [Tumbadores] – Rodrigo Miralda

Producer – Banda Elastica, Juan Manuel Quezada
Engineer – Francisco Aguilar

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