Bakery ‎– Momento (1971)

Momento is the sole secular album by Australian hard-rock/psych band Bakery, released in 1971 on Astor.

A1. “Holocaust” (9:24)
A2. “Pete for Jennie” (1:30)
A3. “Living With a Memory” (8:52)
B1. “S.S. Bounce” (4:19)
B2. “The Gift” (7:59)
B3. “When I’m Feeling” (2:19)
B4. “Faith to Sing a Song” (7:25)

Peter Walker — guitars, harmonica, vocals, arranger, producer
Hank Davis — percussion, vocals
Rex Bullen — organ, piano, vocals
Eddie McDonald — bass
Mark Verschuer — vocals

Malcolm Devenish — engineer
Eddie Russell — cover art
Simico — photography

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