Azar Lawrence ‎– Bridge into the New Age (1974)

Bridge into the New Age is the debut album by American spiritual-jazz saxophonist Azar Lawrence, released in 1974 on Prestige.

A1. “Bridge Into the New Age” (6:45)
A2. “Fatisha” (4:05)
A3. “Warriors of Peace” (7:59)
B1. “Forces of Nature” (8:41)
B2. “The Beautiful and Omnipresent Love” (10:07)

Azar Lawrence — soprano saxophone, tenor saxophone, writer
Jean Carn — voice
Woody Shaw — trumpet
(Shams) Ray Straughter — flute
Woody Murray — vibraphone
Clint Huston — bass
Billy Hart — drums
Guillerme Franco — percussion
Kenneth Nash — percussion
Julian Priester — trombone
Hadley Caliman — flute
Black Arthur — saxophone
Joe Bonner — piano
John Heard — bass
Ndugu — drums
Mtume — conga drums, percussion

Ray Straughter — lyricist
Orrin Keepnews — producer
Jim Stern — producer
Eddie Harris — engineer

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