Avalanche ‎– Perseverance Kills Our Game (1979)

Perseverance Kills Our Game is an album by Dutch folk/psych band Avalanche, released in 1979 on Starlet.

A1. “Lodalientje” (3:55)
A2. “Cola-Tik” (2:47)
A3. “Hymn on Wind and Water” (5:17)
A4. “Maiden Voyage” (6:57)
A5. “Glumsick for Twenty Fingers” (1:19)
B1. “Transcendence (For Leo)” (7:12)
B2. “Image of Long Gone By” (2:29)
B3. “Oblivion” (11:15)

Bass – Fred Dekker
Drums, Percussion – Johan Spek
Flute – Marcella Neeleman
Guitar – Daan Slaman
Mandolin, Guitar, Bass, Bombarde, Percussion, Vocals – Jan Blom
Piano, Keyboards – Rob Dekker

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