Automatic Fine Tuning – A.F.T. (1976)

A.F.T. is an album by English instrumental hard-rock combo Automatic Fine Tuning, released in 1976 on Charisma.

A1. “The Great Panjandrum Wheel (Part One)” (14:25)
—i. Wolverine (Part 1)
—ii. Horizons
—iii. Wolverine (part 2)
—iv. Maneater
A2. “Gladioli” (4:41)
B1. “The Great Panjandrum Wheel (Part Two)” (15:45)
—i. Panjandrum
—ii. Epic
—iii. Terminal C
—iv. City Business
—v. Dragon Fly
B2. “Queen of the Night” (3:49)

Bass – Trevor Darks
Drums, Vocals – Dave Ball
Guitar – Paul A. MacDonnell, Robert Cross

Photography By [Front Cover] – Phil Jude
Producer – Loyd Grossman, Neal Grossman
Engineer – Steve Bruno
Design [Front Cover Model] – Alan Chatfield
Design [Sleeve Concept And Design], Photography By [Back Cover] – Three’s Company

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