Audience ‎– Friend’s Friend’s Friend (1970)

Friend’s Friend’s Friend is the second album by English folk-pop/psych band Audience, released in 1970 on Charisma.

A1. “Nothing You Do” (4:38)
A2. “Belladonna Moonshine” (2:40)*
A3. “It Brings a Tear” (2:55)
A4. “Raid” (8:44)
B1. “Right on Their Side” (5:24)
B2. “Ebony Variations” (5:29)
B3. “Priestess” (6:14)
B4. “Friend’s Friend’s Friend” (3:28)

*7″ release b/w “The Big Spell” (3:03)

Howard Werth — acoustic guitar, banjo, lead vocals
Trevor Williams — bass guitar, vocals
Tony Connor — drums, percussion, piano arrangements
Keith Gemmell — saxophone, woodwind

Mike Bobak — engineer

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