Audience ‎– Audience (1969)

Audience is the first album by the namesake English psych/folk foursome, released in 1969 on Polydor.

A1. “Banquet” (3:45)
A2. “Poet” (3:02)
A3. “Waverley Stage Coach” (2:58)
A4. “River Boat Queen” (2:57)
A5. “Harlequin” (2:35)
A6. “Heaven Was An Island” (4:17)
A7. “Too Late I’m Gone” (2:36)
B1. “Maidens Cry” (4:45)
B2. “Pleasant Convalescence” (2:29)
B3. “Leave It Unsaid” (4:09)
B4. “Man On Box” (3:04)
B5. “House On The Hill” (4:05)

Vinyl reissue bonus tracks:
A8. “Paper Round” (3:41)
B6. “The Going Song” (1:41)
B7. “Troubles” (1:23)

Howard Werth — vocals, acoustic guitar
Trevor Williams — bass
Tony Connor — drums
Keith Gemmell — flute, tenor saxophone, clarinet

Chris Brough — producer

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