Atomic Rooster ‎– Headline News (1983)

Headline News is an album by English hard-rock band Atomic Rooster, released in 1983 on Towerbell/Passport. The album is the band’s seventh overall and the second and last of their ’80s-era reformation. Guitar duties are mostly split between David Gilmour and Gillan-axeman Bernie Tormé.

A1. “Hold Your Fire” (4:36)
A2. “Headline News” (5:07)
A3. “Taking a Chance” (3:09)
A4. “Metal Minds” (4:18)
A5. “Land of Freedom” (3:07)
B1. “Machine” (5:08)
B2. “Dance of Death” (4:15)
B3. “Carnival” (4:19)
B4. “Time” (6:09)

CD reissue bonus tracks:
10. “Future Shock” (4:26)
11. “Watch Out / Reaching Out” (5:15)

Vincent Crane — lead vocals, keyboards, bass, percussion, choir, backing vocals
Paul Hammond — percussion

Tom Newman — producer
David Gilmour — guitar (A1, A4, A5, B4)
John Mizarolli — rhythm guitar, guitar (A2, A3)
Taarena Craze — backing vocals, choir
Jean Crane — choir
Bernie Tormé — guitar (A5, B1, B3)
Jon Field — percussion (B2)

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