Astral Sounds ‎– Kaleidoscope (1978)

Kaleidoscope is an album of library music composed primarily by John Saunders with two contributions from Nucleus/Soft Machine saxist/keyboardist Karl Jenkins. The album was released in 1978 on De Wolfe Music under the moniker Astral Sounds.

A1. “Omega” (4:26)
A2. “Strata” (2:33)
A3. “Lazer” (2:16)
A4. “Frozen Clock” (2:17)
A5. “Kaleidoscope” (2:09)
A6. “Glider” (2:26)
A7. “Greasy Trucker” (2:53)
A8. “Spiral” (2:50)
B1. “Sunrays” (2:38)
B2. “The Wind” (3:16)
B3. “Speed” (1:26)
B4. “Silver Fish” (2:38)
B5. “Sweet Planets” (2:45)
B6. “Tides” (3:27)
B7. “Countdown” (2:15)
B8. “Stargazer” (3:02)

Composed By – J. Saunders (A1 to A5, A7, A8, B2 to B8), K. Jenkins (A6, B1)
Design [Cover] – Nick Bantock
Producer – John Hyde

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