Astor Piazzolla & Gary Burton ‎– The New Tango (1987)

The New Tango is a collaborative album between Argentinian bandoneonist Astor Piazzolla and American vibraphonist Gary Burton, recorded live at the 1986 Montreux Festival and released in 1987 on Atlantic Jazz/WEA.

1. “Milonga Is Coming” (12:06)
2. “Vibraphonissimo” (6:39)
3. “Little Italy 1930” (8:33)
4. “Nuevo Tango” (5:38)
5. “Laura’s Dream” (11:56)
6. “Operation Tango” (9:57)
7. “La muerte del angel” (3:59)

Astor Piazzolla — bandoneón, composer, liner notes
Gary Burton — vibraphone, mixer
Fernando Suárez Paz — violin
Pablo Ziegler — piano
Horacio Malvicino — guitar
Héctor Console — bass

Nesuhi Ertegün — producer
David Richards — recording engineer
Don Puluse — mixing engineer
Sam Feldman — mastering
Georges Braunschweig — photography
Fernando González — liner notes

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