Asfalto ‎– Al Otro Lado (1978)

Al Otro Lado is the second album by Spanish symphonic/hard-rock band Asfalto, released in 1978 on Chapa Discos.

A1. “No estás sólo” (5:11)
A2. “Mujer de plástico” (4:13)
A3. “Expectativa” (6:28)
A4. “¿Dónde estais?” (3:27)
B1. “El viejo” (6:02)
B2. “Nadie ha gritado” (3:44)
B3. “Al otro lado” (10:44)

Bass, Percussion, Vocals – Jose Ramon Perez (Guny)
Drums, Percussion, Vocals – Enrique Cajide
Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Keyboards [Teclado de Clavicordio y Cuerdas], Vocals – Julio Castejon
Piano, Electric Piano, Harpsichord, Keyboards [Teclado de Cuerdas], Synthesizer [Mini Moog, Polymoog], Organ, Kalimba, Vocals – Jorge W. Garcia Banegas

Producer – Vicente Romero
Engineer – John Cooper
Engineer [Ayudante] – Styx Drummond
Design – Javier Sánchez-Cuenca, Manolo Cuevas

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