Arturo Stalteri ‎– André Sulla Luna (1979)

André Sulla Luna is an album by Italian electronic musician Arturo Stalteri, released in 1979 on RCA Italiana-subsidiary It.

Il sogno di André
A1. “Alba ancestrale” (1:49)
A2. “Il prisma magico” (2:52)
A3. “Viaggiando tra i riflessi” (3:54)
A4. “Verso la luna” (7:40)
André sulla luna
B1. “Gli hins” (2:52)
B2. “Sul mare omicida” (3:53)
B3. “I kroll!” (2:29)
B4. “André e Sabiha” (1:45)
B5. “Verso la realtà” (2:28)
B6. “Morte mentale di un sogno” (5:53)

Cover – Stefano De Filippi
Drums – Massimo Buzzi
Organ, Bass, Keyboards, Guitar – Arturo Stalteri
Percussion – Enzo Martella
Recorded By – Enzo Martella

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