Art Zoyd ‎– Les Espaces Inquiets (1983)

Les Espaces Inquiets is the fifth album by French avant-garde/chamber-rock ensemble Art Zoyd, released in 1983 on Cryonic/Coma.

A1. “Légendes : La forêt qui avance” (3:47)
A2. “Cérémonie” (9:10)
Images d’une ville-poussière
A3. “i. Errance” (4:47)
A4. “ii. Cortège des officiels” (4:29)
B1. “iii. Au-delà des vallées” (4:05)
B2. “Migrations” (13:08)
B3. “Le bruit du fer” (3:03)

Patricia Dallio – electric piano, piano
Gérard Hourbette – viola, violin, synthesizer, percussion
Didier Pietton – alto saxophone, tenor saxophone, percussion
Jean-Pierre Soarez – trumpet, flugelhorn, percussion
Thierry Zaboitzeff – bass guitar, cello, guitar, vocals, tape, synthesizer

Art Zoyd – production, mixing, recording
Unsafe Graphics – photography, design
Robert Vogel – mixing, recording

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