Argent ‎– Ring of Hands (1971)

Ring of Hands is the second album by English art-rock foursome Argent, released in 1971 on Epic.

A1. “Celebration” (2:52)*
A2. “Sweet Mary” (4:05)
A3. “Cast Your Spell Uranus” (4:29)
A4. “Lothlorien” (7:50)
B1. “Chained” (5:18)
B2. “Rejoice” (3:44)
B3. “Pleasure” (4:51)
B4. “Sleep Won’t Help Me” (5:09)
B5. “Where Are We Going Wrong” (4:10)

*b-side “Kingdom

Rod Argent — organ, piano, electric piano, vocals, producer, lead vocals, songwriter
Russ Ballard — guitar, piano, vocals, lead vocals, songwriter
Jim Rodford — bass guitar, guitar, vocals
Robert Henrit — drums

Chris White — producer, songwriter
Jerry Boys — engineer
Roy Hollingworth — liner notes
Hipgnosis — cover art

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