Area – Crac! (1975)

Crac! is the third studio album by Italian avant-garde/jazz-rock band Area, released in 1975 on Cramps.

A1. “L’elefante bianco” (4:34)
A2. “La mela di Odessa (1920)” (6:40)
A3. “Megalopoli” (7:52)
B1. “Nervi scoperti” (6:35)
B2. “Gioia e rivoluzione” (4:38)
B3. “Implosion” (5:00)
B4. “Area 5” (2:08)

Giulio Capiozzo — drums, percussion
Patrizio Fariselli — electric piano, piano, bass clarinet, percussion, synthesizer
Demetrio Stratos — voice, organ, harpsichord, steel drums, percussion
Ares Tavolazzi — electric bass, acoustic bass, trombone
Giampaolo Tofani — electric guitar, guitar synthesizer, flute

Piero Bravin — engineer
Ambrogio Ferrario — engineer
Area — producer
Gianni Sassi — art direction
Edoardo Sivelli — design
Gian Michele Monti — illustration

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