Arco Iris ‎– Los Elementales (Fuerzas Magicas de la Naturaleza) (1977)

Los Elementales (Fuerzas Magicas de la Naturaleza) is the sixth album by Argentinian jazz-rock/folk band Arco Iris, released in 1977 on Cabal.

A1. Elemental de Tierra: a) Gob (Maestro-mago de los Gnomos) (5:58) / b) Destilando el perfume de los minerales (4:58)
A2. Elemental de Fuego: a) Cristalizando los rayos del sol (4:26) / b) Djin (Maestro-mago de las Salamandras) (1:07)
A3. Elemental de Agua: a) Despertar de los Hijos de la Mañana (3:45)
B1. Elemental de Agua: b) Necksa (Maestro-mago de las Ondinas) (8:07)
B2. Elemental de Aire: a) Los Nacidos del Viento (3:57) / b) Paralda (Maestro-mago de los Silfos) (8:09)

Ara Tokatlián — flute, tenor saxophone, soprano saxophone, synthesizer, Minimoog, electric piano, piano, vocal, aerophone
Guillermo Bordarampé — bass, acoustic guitar, bandura, vocal
Jose Luis Perez — drums, percussion, tambour
Ignacio Elisavetsky — guitar, vocal
Dana — voice

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    Release date: 5 December 2022
    Label: PQR-Disques plusqueréel
    Band name: Arco Iris
    Album title: Los Elementales- Fuerzas Magicas De La Naturaleza
    Format: Vinyl LP (180 gr., gatefold sleeve, with original insert, in 4 colors: blue, red, orange, silver)
    Other specifications: Strictly limited pressing of 400 copies, 100 numbered copies per color.
    Cat. no: PQR-018
    Los Elementales- Fuerzas Magicas De La Naturaleza was composed and originally released in 1977, at the apex of Arco Iris’ prolific musical career. A well-deserved successor to Agitor Lucens, it is their most prog-oriented masterpiece, a veritable distillation of years of uniquely carved and meticulously executed psych/folk/jazz tunes that earned them their reputation among Argentina’s cultural pantheon’s finest. If nature ever spoke genuinely to a band and shared with them the alchemical secrets of the Druids, then that band must not have been other than Arco Iris. Los Elementales is a mélange of prog wilderness, domesticated through a mirror of production that reflects the indelible mark of Ara Tokatlian’s conundrum of tenor sax, Andean woodwinds and moog, interspersed with jazz-fusion, glimpses of latin-funk and randomly popping electronics. All of the above, scaffolded on a conceptual platform that puts in motion, evokes and seeks to simulate the intermingling of the elements of nature, by punctuating them in contrapuntal moments.
    This much sought after by collectors album will appeal to the same extent to prog aficionados, latin funk crate-diggers, and prog-jazz crazies. But, above all, this is a re- release that intends to please Arco Iris’ core fans, by enveloping the music in 4 limited to 100 numbered copies, in 4 different colors, one for each element of nature (water/blue, fire/red, earth/orange, air/silver), with the original gatefold cover and insert.
    For more info visit:
    Prog archives reviews
    Arco Iris- Los Elementales: “Essential: a masterpiece of progressive rock music”
    PQR-Disques plusqueréel website date-dec-5th-arco-iris-los.html
    Official Discogs pages Magicas-De-La-Naturaleza-Blue-vinyl Magicas-De-La-Naturaleza-Red-vinyl Magicas-De-La-Naturaleza-Orange-vinyl Magicas-De-La-Naturaleza-Silver-vinyl
    Find us at Bandcamp
    Also available on PQR’s catalogue:
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    Deluxe 3fold digipack edition with 12page booklet
    Full Moon- Moon Fools (PQR001, PQR002) (last few copies)
    Limited pressing of 200 copies
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