Arachnoid ‎– Arachnoid (1979)

Arachnoid is the lone album by the namesake French symphonic/psych band, released in 1979 on Divox.

A1. “Le chamadère” (13:57)
A2. “Piano caveau” (7:24)
A3. “In the Screen Side of Your Eyes” (4:04)
B1. “Toutes ces images” (8:15 — 2:14–4:20–8:01)
B2. “La guêpe” (8:44)
B3. “L’adieu au Pierrot / Final” (4:00)

Patrick Woindrich — bass, producer, mixing engineer, guitar, vocals, backing vocals
François Faugières — farfisa organ, Mellotron, vocals, music, lyrics
Nicolas Popowski — guitar, backing vocals, vocals, music
Marc Meryl — lead vocals, lyrics
Pierre Kuti — piano, fender rhodes electric piano, synthesizer, music

Bernard Minig — music
Philippe Besombes — recording engineer, mixing engineer
Yves Javault — lyrics, vocals
Philippe Honoré — flute, saxophone
Christine Mariey — voice
Martine Rateau — voice
Christine — voice

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