Anvil ‎– Forged in Fire (1983)

Forged in Fire is the third album by Canadian speed-metal band Anvil, released in 1983 on Attic/Roadrunner.

A1. “Forged in Fire” (4:42)
A2. “Shadow Zone” (3:58)
A3. “Free as the Wind” (5:32)
A4. “Never Deceive Me” (3:31)
A5. “Butter Bust Jerky” (3:18)
B1. “Future Wars” (3:08)
B2. “Hard Times – Fast Ladies” (3:48
B3. “Make It Up to You” (3:31)
B4. “Motormount” (3:41)
B5. “Winged Assassins” (3:46)

Steve “Lips” Kudlow – vocals, guitar
Dave Allison – guitar, lead vocals on “Never Deceive Me”
Ian Dickson – bass, backing vocals
Robb Reiner – drums

Chris Tsangarides – producer, engineer
Andrew Warwick, Joe Primeau – assistant engineers
Dean Motter – art direction and design

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