Anthony Phillips ‎– Wise After the Event (1978)

Wise After the Event is the second solo album by English guitarist/composer Anthony Phillips, released in 1978 on Passport/Arista.

A1. “We’re All as We Lie” (4:34)
A2. “Birdsong” (7:30)
A3. “Moonshooter” (5:52)
A4. “Wise After the Event” (8:45)
B1. “Pulling Faces” (4:32)
B2. “Regrets” (5:15)
B3. “Greenhouse” (3:00)
B4. “Paperchase” (5:28)
B5. “Now What (Are They Doing to My Little Friends?)” (8:30)

B-side: “Squirrel” (4:30)

Anthony Phillips (aka “The Vicar”, “Vic Stench”) – vocals, harmonia, guitars, keyboards, sundries, drums and bass on “Greenhouse”, orchestral arrangements on “Regrets”
Michael Giles – drums
John G. Perry – Wal custom bass guitar
Jeremy Gilbert – keyboards on “Greenhouse”, harp on “Now What? (Are They Doing to My Little Friends?)”
Mel Collins – soprano saxophone on “We’re All as We Lie”, flute on “Birdsong”
Robin Phillips – oboe on “Sitars & Nebulous”
Rupert Hine (aka “Humbert Ruse”) – percussion, backing vocals, locks, probs, modes, vibraphone, drums and bass on “Greenhouse”
Alan Perkins (aka “Perkin Alanbeck”) – synthesiser on “Birdsong”
Rodent Rabble – clicks, claps and crampons (including “No Hours from Neasden”)
Gilbert Biberian – orchestra conductor on “Regrets”
David Katz – orchestra assembling
Rupert Hine – producer

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