Anthony Phillips ‎– The Geese & the Ghost (1977)

The Geese & the Ghost is the debut solo album by multi-instrumentalist/composer Anthony Phillips, issued in 1977 on Passport. Released seven years after his departure from Genesis, the album is primarily a collaboration with his former bandmate Mike Rutherford.

A1. Wind-Tales (1:02)
A2. Which Way the Wind Blows (5:51)
A3. Henry: Portraits From Tudor Times: i) Fanfare / ii) Lutes’ Chorus / iii) Misty Battlements / iv) Henry Goes to War / v) Death of a Knight / vi) Triumphant Return (12:11)
A4. God If I Saw Her Now (4:09)
B1. Chinese Mushroom Cloud (0:46)
B2. The Geese and the Ghost: Part i / Part ii (15:40)
B3. Collections (3:07)
B4. Sleepfall: The Geese Fly West (4:33)

Anthony Phillips — 12 string acoustic guitar, classical guitar, electric guitar, bass guitar, dulcimer, bouzouki, synthesizer, Mellotron, harmonium, piano, drums, celesta, glockenspiel, timbales, bells, chimes, gong, writer, producer, engineer, vocals
Michael Rutherford — glockenspiel, bells, cymbal, producer, engineer, writer
Phil Collins — vocals
Jack Lancaster — flute, Lyricon
Peter Cross — cover art
Jeremy Gilbert — conductor
Simon Hayworth — engineer, producer
Barge Rabble — orchestra
Send Barns Orchestra — orchestra
Ralph Bernascone — soloist
Charlie Martin — cello
Kirk Trevor — cello
John Hackett — flute
Wil Sleath — flute, Baroque flute, piccolo flute
Rob Phillips — oboe
Lazo Momulovich — oboe, English horn
Martin Westlake — timpani
Nick Hayley — violin

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