Anthony Phillips ‎– Sides (1979)

Sides is the third proper solo album by English guitarist/composer Anthony Phillips, released in 1979 on Passport/Arista.

A1. “Um and Aargh” (4:50)
A2. “I Want Your Love” (3:54)
A3. “Holy Deadlock” (4:05)
A4. “Lucy Will” (3:23)
A5. “Side Door” (3:48)
B1. “Sisters of Remindum” (4:29)
B2. “Bleak House” (6:13)
B3. “Magdalen” (7:45)
B4. “Nightmare” (7:25)

Anthony Phillips (aka “The Vicar” and “Vic Stench”) – guitars, keyboards, lead vocals on “Um & Aargh”, “Lucy Will”, and “Holy Deadlock”, cellos on “Lucy Will”, bass on “Bleak House”
Michael Giles – drums
John G. Perry – bass guitar
Dale Newman – lead vocals on “Bleak House”
Dan Owen – lead vocals on “Side Door” and “I Want Your Love”
Ray Cooper – percission
Frank Ricotti – timpani
Morris Pert – monotroch, congas on “Lucy Will”
Mel Collins – tenor saxophone on “Side Door”
“Ralph Bernascone” – lead vocals on “Nightmare”
Rupert Hine (aka “Humbert Ruse”) – percussion on “Lucy Will”, cor anglais on “Sisters of Remindum”
Rupert Hine – production

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