Anthony Davis ‎– Variations in Dream-Time (1982)

Variations in Dream-Time is an album by American avant-garde jazz pianist/composer Anthony Davis, released in 1982 on India Navigation.

A. “Variations in Dream-Time” (24:30)
B. “Enemy of Light” (22:01)
— a. Drones and Clones
— b. Enemy of Light (Romantic Interlude)
— c. Fugitive of Time (Reprieve)

*(:01-6:01, 7:00-12:45, 14:17-22:02)

**(:04-2:12, 3:58-6:53-9:50, 11:00-13:45-17:41-23:33)

Anthony Davis — piano, composer, liner notes
George Lewis — trombone
Abdul Wadud — cello
Pheeroan akLaff — drums
J.D. Parran — bass clarinet, flute
Rick Rozie — bass

Bob Cummins — producer
Barney Zeitz — cover art
Koji Morioka — design
Daryl Bradley — photography

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