Ann Odell ‎– A Little Taste (1973)

A Little Taste is a solo album by English singer/songwriter Ann Odell, released in 1973 on DJM.

A1. “Swing Song”
A2. “Take Off Your Old Face
A3. “Non-Commercial Blues
A4. “Lucky Black Cat
A5. “Children
A6. “Lovely
B1. “I Didn’t Mean To”
B2. “Kings Road Girl
B3. “Out of the Blue
B4. “Every Girl Becomes a Woman
B5. “The Door

Backing Vocals – Doris Troy, Liza Strike, Madeline Bell
Bass Guitar – John Gustafson
Cor Anglais – Andrew Cawthery
Drums – Barry De Souza, Bruce Rowlands
Guitar – Caleb Quaye, Gary Boyle, Ray Fenwick
Harp – Christopher Neal
Keyboards, Vocals – Ann Odell
Percussion – Ray Cooper
Piano [Yamaha YC30] – Peter Robinson
Recorder – Richard Taylor

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