Angela Bofill ‎– Angel of the Night (1979)

Angel of the Night is the second album by American jazz-pop/soul vocalist/songwriter Angela Bofill, released in 1979 on GRP.

A1. “I Try” (5:40)
A2. “People Make the World Go Round” (4:35)
A3. “Angel of the Night” (5:04)
A4. “Rainbow Child (Little Pas)” (3:46)
B1. “What I Wouldn’t Do (For the Love of You)” (3:31)
B2. “The Feeling’s Love” (5:10)
B3. “Love to Last” (4:57)
B4. “The Voyage” (5:30)

Angela Bofill — lead and backing vocals, piano
Dave Grusin — piano, electric piano, synthesizer
Eric Gale — guitar
Ray Chew — piano, electric piano
Ed Walsh — Oberheim – polyphonic synthesizer
Buddy Williams, Paul Kimbarow — drums
Francisco Centeno, Eluriel Tinker Barfield — bass guitar
Ralph MacDonald — percussion
Sammy Figueroa, Carol Steele — percussion, congas
Eddie Daniels — tenor saxophone
David Nadien — strings concertmaster
Dave Tofani, David Taylor, Harold Vick, Henry Mitchell Jr., Howard Johnson, Lew Soloff, Virgil Jones — horns
Barry Finclair, Charles McCracken, Emanuel Vardi, Harry Glickman, Herbert Sorkin, John Pintavalle, Jonathan Abramowitz, Joseph Rabushka, Lamar Alsop, Louis Gabowitz, Marvin Morgenstern, Max Ellen, Richard Sortomme — strings
Gwen Guthrie, Patti Austin, Connie Harvey, Ednah Holt, John Madden, Vivian Cherry — backing vocals

Producer — Dave GrusinLarry Rosen

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