Andy Pratt ‎– Resolution (1976)

Resolution is the third album by American singer/songwriter Andy Pratt, released in 1976 on Nemperor.

A1. “Resolution” (3:16)
A2. “If You Could See Yourself (Through My Eyes)” (2:53)
A3. “Constant Heat” (3:51)
A4. “Karen’s Song” (3:25)
B1. “Can’t Stop My Love” (3:09)
B2. “Everything Falls Into Place (Lillian’s Song)” (3:46)
B3. “That’s When Miracles Occur” (3:54)
B4. “Some Things Go On Forever” (3:11)
B5. “Treasure That Canary” (3:33)

Andy Pratt – lead and background vocals; piano; percussion
Mark Doyle – lead and bass guitars; piano; percussion
Andy Mendelson – organ; synthesizer
Ken Bichel – synthesizer; mellotron
Richard Mendelson – drums; percussion
Andy Newmark – drums
Stephen Gadd – drums
Tony Levin – bass guitars
Hugh McDonald – bass guitars
Arif Mardin – string arrangements; horn arrangements; percussion
Ruben Bassini – percussion
Carlos Martin – congas
The Rowans – backing vocals
Luther Vandross – backing vocals
David Lasley – backing vocals
Diane Sumler – backing vocals

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