Andy Pratt – Andy Pratt (1973)

Andy Pratt is the second album by the namesake American singer/songwriter, released in 1973 on Columbia.

A1. “Avenging Annie” (5:08)
A2. “Inside Me Wants Out” (3:12)
A3. “It’s All Behind You” (3:43)
A4. “Summer Summer” (3:35)
A5. “Call Up That Old Friend” (3:06)
B1. “Give It All to Music” (3:28)
B2. “Who Am I Talking To” (3:11)
B3. “All the King’s Weight” (4:16)
B4. “So Fine (It’s Frightening)” (2:37)
B5. “Sittin’ Down in the Twilight” (3:36)
B6. “Deer Song” (4:10)

Andy Pratt – lead and background vocals; guitars; bass guitars; piano; accordion; sitar; tabla; clavinet
John Nagy – guitars; mandolin; mandola; mandocello, producer
Gary Anderson – flute; baritone and tenor saxophones
Anastasios Karatza – electric guitars, hi-hat
Jim Thompson – electric guitars
Jesse Henderson – drums
Abraham Laboriel – bass guitars
Bill Elliot – organ
Nick Koumoutseas – backing vocals
Roger Hock – trombone
Bob McCarthy – acoustic guitar on “Call Up That Old Friend”
John Payne – clarinet
Juma Santos – congas
Rick Shlosser – bongos

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