Ambrosia – Somewhere I’ve Never Travelled (1976)

Somewhere I’ve Never Travelled is the second album by American symphonic/art-rock band Ambrosia, produced by Alan Parsons and released in 1976 on 20th Century Records.

A gala of sound and spectacle, the album spins with the xylophone gusts that course through “The Brunt” and the spiraling ivory of “Danse With Me George.” Earlier on, “Cowboy Star” grows from muted to towering amidst swelling minor-key progressions, while the title-track beacons the whole affair with glimmering mist and fold-out, spectrum harmonies.

The sumptuous strum of “Runnin’ Away” offers a light break to the surrounding catharsis, which also includes the rising string-sweep of “I Wanna Know” and churchy organ-highs of “We Need You Too.”

A1. “And…” (0:47)
A2. “Somewhere I’ve Never Travelled” (4:09)
A3. “Cowboy Star” (6:20)
A4. “Runnin’ Away” (3:27)
A5. “Harvey” (1:27)
A6. “I Wanna Know” (5:58)
B1. “The Brunt” (5:26)
B2. “Danse With Me George (Chopin’s Plea)” (7:47)
B3. “Can’t Let a Woman” (4:18)
B4. “We Need You Too” (5:31)

Burleigh Drummond – drums, percussion, bassoon
David Pack – guitar, strings, vocals
Christopher North – keyboards, vocals
Joe Puerta – bass, Moog, vocals

Alan Parsons – production
Andrew Powell – orchestration (tracks: A3, B2, B4)
Alfred Ladzekpo, Kobla Ladzekpo, Cal Arts African Ensemble
Ian Underwood – saxophone
Daniel Kobialka – violin
Ruth Underwood – marimba

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