Ambrosia ‎– Road Island (1982)

Road Island is the fifth and final studio album by American art-rock/blue-eyed soul band Ambrosia, released in 1982 on Warner Bros. The album’s cover art was done by Ralph Steadman, best known for his illustration/animation work in assorted media for Pink Floyd‘s The Wall.

A1. “For Openers (Welcome Home)” (5:35)
A2. “Still Not Satisfied” (3:59)
A3. “Kid No More” (2:59)
A4. “Feelin’ Alive Again” (5:49)
B1. “How Can You Love Me” (4:05)
B2. “Fool Like Me” (4:35)
B3. “Ice Age” (7:07)
B4. “Endings” (5:13)

David Pack — guitar, vocals, keyboard, string arrangements
Joe Puerta — bass, vocals, acoustic guitar
Burleigh Drummond — drums, percussion, backing vocals
Christopher North — organ, Clavinet
David Cutter Lewis — keyboards, synthesiser

Royce Jones — backing vocals
James Guthrie — producer
Doug Sax — mastering
Christine Sauers — art direction
Ralph Steadman — cover art
Jim Horn — saxophone
Jimmie Haskell — string arrangements, horn arrangements
Andrew Powell — string arrangements

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