Ambrosia ‎– Life Beyond L.A. (1978)

Life Beyond L.A. is the third album by American art-rockers Ambrosia, released in 1978 on Warner Bros.

A1. “Life Beyond L.A.” (4:47)
A2. “Art Beware” (2:15)
A3. “Apothecary” (4:53)
A4. “If Heaven Could Find Me” (4:29)
A5. “How Much I Feel” (4:44)
B1. “Dancin’ by Myself” (4:42)
B2. “Angola” (3:52)
B3. “Heart to Heart” (2:49)
B4. “Not as You Were” (3:52)
B5. “Ready for Camarillo” (4:55)

Joe Puerta — lead vocals, bass guitar, guitar, songwriter
David Pack — lead vocals, guitar, piano, keyboards, string arrangements, songwriter
Burleigh Drummond — drums, percussion, vocals, songwriter

Brother Christopher North — piano, organ
Joe Sample — piano
David Cutler Lewis — piano, Rhodes, Clavinet
Cliff Woolley — harmonica
Marty Krystall — saxophone
Daniel Kobialka — violin
Freddie Piro — producer
Ambrosia — producer, arranger, orchestration
Tom Trefethen — engineer, mixing
Stewart Whitmore — engineer, mixing assistant
Doug Sax — mastering
Ed Caraeff — photography, design
Mike Manoogian — logo designer
Jimmie Haskell — string arrangements

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