Ambiance ‎– Ebun (1979)

Ebun is the debut album by American spiritual-jazz/funk combo Ambiance, released in 1979 on Da Mon.

A1. “Bossa Monife” (5:26)
A2. “After June” (4:27)
A3. “Camouflage” (5:19)
A4. “O.F.C.” (4:32)
B1. “Ebun” (5:23)
B2. “Turnaround” (5:43)
B3. “Untitled Original” (4:27)
B4. “Last Tango” (5:26)

Drums – John Delatore
Electric Bass – Paul Olguin
Finger Cymbals, Vocals – Moniife
Guitar – Peter Lainson
Keyboards – Bob Selvin
Tenor Saxophone, Chimes [Glass], Wind Chimes, Noises [Bird Calls] – Daoud
Vocals – Elisa Jones, Sarah Flynn
Written-By – B. Selvin
Flute – Sarah Flynn

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