Altona ‎– Chickenfarm (1975)

Chickenfarm is the second of two albums by German jazz-rock/funk band Altona, released in 1975 on RCA.

“Lover’s Tale” – slow G opening on Fender Rhodes (glowing), rising to Am7…. Slow verse (Gm-F-Eb-F-Eb), belting, gritty vocals, stretched vowels, rippling/churchy organ, sustained guitar tones, elonged simmering sax notes…. Bridge: rising sax (C-D), brimming synth… @3:15 guitar solo, followed by sunny synth sustains. Broken by blocky sax chart… repeat verse/bridge… “love is a thing that takes us down to hell“

“Feigenblatt” – rainy wind in, piano/sax billowing in, jazzy/barroom notes…clickety drum fades in… tight flowing cadence emerges with strong backbeat….. shuffles through series if instrumental verses/bridges
Four wallops per bar in Cm (5-7-2-1) / alternate with Leslied piano figure
Eb/Dm bridge, plaintive sax melody accenting high notes
Urgent bridge with soaring guitar

A1. “Elephant Walk” (5:34)
A2. “Lover’s Tale” (5:09)
A3. “Ramadam” (4:04)
A4. “Tango Lady” (4:09)
B1. “Back Again” (5:17)
B2. “Feigenblatt” (5:13)
B3. “Chickenfarm” (10:21)

Bass – Fritz Kahl
Drums – Hans-Heinz Gossler
Guitar – Klaus Gerlach, Werner von Gosen
Tenor Saxophone [Tenor-sax] – Michael von Rönn, Wolfgang Wülff
Vocals, Soprano Saxophone [Soprano-sax], Bass, Baritone Saxophone [Baritone-sax] – Karl Heinz Blumenberg

Producer – Klaus Bohlmann

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