Alphonse Mouzon – The Essence of Mystery (1973)

The Essence of Mystery is the debut solo album by American jazz-rock drummer Alphonse Mouzon, released in 1973 on Blue Note.

A1. “The Essence Of Mystery” (4:55)
A2. “Funky Finger” (3:40)
A3. “Crying Angels” (5:23)
A4. “Why Can’t We Make It” (3:27)
A5. “Macrobian” (5:14)
B1. “Spring Water” (6:27)
B2. “Sunflower” (4:27)
B3. “Thank You Lord” (4:02)
B4. “Antonia” (4:40)

Alphonse Mouzon — drums, tympanon, tabla, percussion, electric piano, Clavinet, Mellotron, vocals, writer
Buddy Terry — soprano saxophone
Sonny Fortune — alto saxophone
Larry Willis — piano, electric piano
Buster Williams — bass
Wilbur Bascomb Jr. — electric bass

George Butler — producer
Don Hahn — engineer, mixer

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