Alex Brown – In Search of Love (1970)

In Search of Love is the first and only solo album by American soul singer Alex Brown, released in 1970 on Sundi Records.

A1. “I’m Not Responsible” (2:46)
A2. “Something” (2:54)
A3. “You Move Me” (2:58)
A4. “Please Don’t Leave Me” (4:59)
A5. “I’ll Still Be There” (2:55)
B1. “Baby You’re Right” (2:57)
B2. “Turn Around, Look at Me” (2:58)
B3. “Have I” (3:47)
B4. “I’m in Love” (3:34)
B5. “The China Doll” (4:02)

Alex Brown — vocals, writer
Monk Higgins — arranger, conductor, percussion, writer
Joe Sample — piano
Wilton Felder — bass
Paul Humphrey — drums
Al Vescovo — guitar
Freddy Robinson — guitar
Alan Estes — percussion, vibraphone
David Allen Duke — French horn
Jim Horn — flute
Specialties Unlimited — vocals
Sidney Sharp String Section — strings
Sack Productions — producer

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