Alas – Alas (1976)

Alas is the debut album by Argentinian symphonic/jazz-rock band Alas, released in 1976 on Odeon.

A. “Buenos Aires sólo es piedra” (15:48)*
|a. Tango
|b. Sueño
|c. Recuerdo
|d. Trompetango
|e. Tanguito
|f. Soldó
B. “La muerte contó el dinero” (17:36)**
|a. Vidala
|b. Smog
|c. Galope
|d. Mal-ambo
|e. Vidala Again
|f. Amanecer / Tormenta
|g. Final

CD bonus tracks (from 1975 single):
3. “Aire surgente” (4:35)
4. “Rincón, mi viejo rincón” (3:35)

* :01–2:42–5:10 | 7:09–8:01–10:33 | 12:59–15:30
**:01–9:21–12:45 | 15:06–17:36

Gustavo Moretto — piano, electric piano, synthesizer, Moog, Hammond organ, recorder, trumpet, violin, vocals
Alex Zucker — bass, guitar
Carlos Riganti — drums, gong, bombo legüero, bells, maracas, castanets, triangle, whistle, percussion

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