Alain Markusfeld – Platock (1978)

Platock is the fourth album by French classical/rock musician/composer Alain Markusfeld, released in 1978 on Egg.

A1. “Fayava” (3:55)
A2. “L’enrouleur de Galaxies” (6:27)
A3. “Automne et éternité” (7:22)
B1. Platock Concerto
–a. “1er mouvement” (4:27)
–b. “2e mouvement” (4:50)
–c. “3e mouvement” (4:34)
–d. “4e mouvement” (4:48)

Composed By, Arranged By [Arrangée Et Interprétée Par], Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar, Piano, Electric Organ [Hammond Organ], Harmonica, Vocals [Voix] – Alain Markusfeld
Marimba, Cymbal [Cimbale Chinoise – Cimbales Tibétaines], Goblet Drum [Darbuka], Triangle – Jean Schultheis
Vocals [Voix] – Patricia Markusfeld

Illustration [Illustration Recto] – Patrice Larue
Photography By [Back Verso] – Alain Marouani
Producer [Produit Par] – Georges Bacri
Recorded By [Prise De Son], Mixed By [Mixage] – Claude Achallé

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