Alain Markusfeld ‎– Contemporus (1979)

Contemporus is the fifth album by French classical/rock multi-instrumentalist Alain Markusfeld, released in 1979 on Egg.

A1. “L’oasis sous les étoiles” (4:10)
A2. “L’âme flottante” (3:42)
A3. “Jazz a Casablanca” (3:04)
A4. “Fiesta atomikâ” (3:41)
A5. “Il pleut sur le troisième millénaire” (4:17)
B1. Contemporus — 19:33
B1a. “1er Mouvement” (3:06)
B1b. “2e Mouvement” (5:05)
B1c. “3e Mouvement” (5:00)
B1d. “4e Mouvement” (6:22)

Composed By, Arranged By, Synthesizer [ARP Polyphonic, ARP Prosoloist], Piano [Accoustic Piano], Guitar [Electro Acoustic Guitar], Organ, Percussion, Cymbal [Cymbals], Triangle, Marimba [Marimbas], Harmonica, Handclaps, Vocals – Alain Markusfeld
Mastered By – Christian Périlhou
Producer [Produced By] – Alain Markusfeld, Georges Bacri
Recorded By, Mixed By – Claude Achalle
Vocals [Other Vocals] – Patricia Markusfeld

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